Minnesota, USA:

Club ID: 491
Crow River Junction Model Railroad Club (6/18/01) . . . . . . . . . . . . . Scales:G,O,S,HO, N
P.O.Box 143
St. Michael, MN 55376-9528

A new club forming looking for other model railroaders and/or railroad people. Our goal is to operate a large museum and educational center with a gift shop. Club will feature a large HO Scale layout, plus add Lionel Layout,"G" Scale, American Flyer "S" Scale, "O" Scale and "N" Scale if enough interested. All beginners or advanced modelers of all ages are welcome.

    P.O.Box 143
    St. Michael, MN 55376-9528

Club ID: 492
Great River Valley System (6/18/01) . . . . . . . . . . . . . Scales:N
St. Paul, MN

We are an active club with about 12 members of all skill levels, from novice to experts that have had articles published in N-scale magazine. We encourage any interested model railroaders to contact Damian or Joe

Meetings: Every Thursday in St. Paul, MN.


Club ID: 493
Laurentian Northern Railroad (6/18/01) . . . . . . . . . . . . . Scales:HO
, MN

We are a small group of Model Railroaders in North Eastern Minnesota with a small travaling layout. We highlight local railroads; DM&IR, DWP (CN), and our own line THE LAURENTIAN NORTHERN. Also have; BN, GN,BNSF, SOO, CN, UP, and many others. Our members have a wide backgroud and intrest, and skill levels for beginner to advavced, and of all ages.


Club ID: 859
Luce Line Railroad Club, Inc. (5/7/2005) . . . . . . . . . . . . . Scales:HO, S, O High Rail
P.O.Box 7413
Hutchinson, MN 55350
WWW: http://luceline.tripod.com/main.html

We are now a 100% NMRA member club. We have a perminant display at the Hutchinson Mall in Hutchinson, MN. We have on display:Digitrax HO, American Flyer, & Three rail (Marx, flyer, & Lionel) We publish a Newsletter 3 times a year. We host at Christmas time each year 2nd graders from local schools (about 300 kids), promoting the worlds greatest hobby. We are always looking for new members. (presently having 25 members)

Meetings: Open to the public the 1st and 3rd Saturdays of the month from 10am to 2pm and also open every Tuesday night 7pm to 9pm.

  • Bruce R. Crosby
    879 Main St N.
    Hutchinson, MN 55350-1289
    (H) (320) 587-8073

Club ID: 494
Minnesota Garden Railway Society (6/18/01) . . . . . . . . . . . . . Scales:G
, MN

  • Jim Thiewes
    22 Oak Leaf Ln.
    Circle Pines, MN 55014
    (H) (612) 780-1491

Club ID: 495
Wadena Model Railroaders, Inc. (6/18/01) . . . . . . . . . . . . . Scales:HO
Harry & Rich Drive (Sunny Brook Park)
Wadena, MN 56482

Club established 1985 and our layout is near complete. Remodeling is always underway. See Nov. 94 Model Railroader page 58 for more info about We are located in a 28 X 40 building next to the Sunny Brook Camp Grounds. Our HO scale layout is open most Friday's 6 pm to 9 pm and Saturday's 1 pm to 5 pm Memorial day through Labor Day. There is no charge to view, but a free will offering is appreciated.

Meetings: Business meetings are the first Saturday of each month unless it is a holiday.

  • Mike Aldrich
    307 Jefferson St. So.
    Wadena, MN 56482-1533

Club ID: 496
Winona Railroad Club (10/26/2010) . . . . . . . . . . . . . Scales:HO
925 E 13th St
St. Charles, MN 55972
Phone: 507-421-2317

The Winona Railroad Club was founded in April 1954 as the Winona Society of Model Railroad Engineers. Charter members were William Holden, Robert Erdman, Donald Bauer, Wallace Knight, John McCormick, Frank Whetstone, And Paul Leighton. Track laying on the club's O scale layout commenced on June 10, 1954. The Winona Railroad Club held it's first show, or open house as club members called it then, in December 1954. The layout was one of the largest in the state, featuring 400 feet of track and 25 switches. The layout was located in the Holden drugstore building on West 5th Street in Winona, and open houses were held from during Christmas time from 1954-1969. In 1970, the Society of Model Engineers temporarily disbanded. In 1972, the club was re-formed as the Winona Model Railroad Club at the urging of local historian Dr. Lewis Younger. WMRC charter members were Frank Whetstone, Jerry Schuh, Bill Holden, Bill Maier, Leo & Erik Brom, Steve Donahue, Steve Stark, and Les Foran. The WMRC became affiliated with the Winona County Historical Society as an independent committee of WCHS, with it's own treasury. As part of WCHS, the club built and maintained an HO scale layout in the basement of the WCHS building on Johnson Street. In return for the layout space, WMRC members were required to be members of WCHS. The 14'x44' layout depicted Winona in 1940, and was set up to be automatically run as a part of WCHS's displays. The layout operated until spring 1982, and was removed by WCHS in 1983. Open houses were held around Christmas time during the WCHS years. Visitors could operate a train from a control stand in the viewing room during these shows. In 1978, WMRC hosted the Thousand Lakes Region meet of the NMRA at Winona State University. The NMRA meet included a banquet, displays, clinic, and tours of railroad facilities in Winona, including the WMRC HO layout. During the early 1980's, modular layouts that could travel to railroad shows in gyms and civic centers became popular. In 1981, several WMRC members decided to build a traveling N scale layout. WMRC members Tom Romaine, Erik Brom, Dan Swartling, Tim Skwiot, Dave Williams, Brad Anderson, Cy Svobodny, and Les Foran built the initial traveling layout to national N Trak standards. The WMRC N-scale layout made it's debut in November 1981 at the first annual Winona Model Railfair, held at the WCHS building. It was the first show featuring modular layouts from around the Winona area. The WMRC fell on hard times in the 1980's. The club ended it's arrangement with WCHS in 1982, and the HO layout was donated to the WCHS. Railfairs were held from 1981-84. For a short time in 1986, the WMRC set up the N scale layout in the former St. Clair's store in downtown Winona. The N layout was taken to shows in La Crosse, WI., and occasionally set up for the Victorian Fair or weekends in the Winona Mall. In the early 1990's, the WMRC was close to being on life-support. Membership was stagnant or declining, the N layout was going to 1 show a year, and the treasury was nearly gone. Then, from out of nowhere, around 8-10 new members came to a club meeting, wondering if there was any interest in building a modular traveling HO scale layout called the Winona & Southwestern Railway. The Winona & Southwestern was formed by Art VanDeWater, Dr. Tom Mauszycki, Jeff Sherod, Jim Brown, Mike Riemann, Bill and Orin Schumaker, Chuck Tomashek, and Bill Spitzer. There was sufficient interest and a 14'x54' layout was quickly built by the new members. The HO layout traveled to many shows in the area until being disbanded 10 years later. The year 1992 was a time in which the club spread its wings. The club sponsored a local railroad show which grew in attendance each year and still continues to be the club's flagship. In 1995, Club members Jeff Sherod and Bill Spitzer further expanded the club's show to Rochester, MN. Shows were held annually at the Mayo Civic Center, bringing model railroad shows back to Olmsted County. The Rochester shows continued until the year 2000 when expenses became too great to continue the show. The shows became known for their collectable show buttons featuring railroad photos from club members. The buttons were the "brainchild" of club member Bill Spitzer when the club was struggling to raise money for its treasury. Button designs were developed by club member Chuck Tomashek. A sale-only Swap-meet will debut in 2002, thanks in large part to the success of the railroad shows. The 1990's also brought administrative changes to the way the club was run. The club name was changed to Winona Railroad Club to appeal to anyone with an interest in trains. The meeting place moved from the dark basement of the WCHS to the newly remodeled meeting room on the 2nd floor. The club ventured into many activities during this decade including; hosting a fall colors excursion on the Dakota, Minnesota & Eastern railroad, helping rebuild the Chippewa Valley "speeder" railroad and taking railfan trips. The fall colors excursion was held in 1999 and took passengers from Rochester to Winona with several trips up the mighty Stockton hill. About the same time as the HO group came to the WMRC, a small group of the people still involved with the N scale layout decided to re-organize the layout. Dan Grossell, Pat Schroeder, Kim Gibson, and Mark Olson bought out the remaining original N-Trak layout members and took the layout independent of the WMRC. They were joined by Delmer Husman, and began rebuilding all of the old N scale layout. These members rejoined the WRRC in 1997 as the Wisconsin, Minnesota & Pacific Railway division of WRRC. In 2004, the club celebrated it's 50th anniversary. One has to wonder if the founding members would have ever thought that the club would hold on for this long, or be this strong of an organization. I for one certainly hope to add a lot more to the history of the WSME, WMRC, and WRRC!

Meetings: Monthly Meetings


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