C B & Q Racoon River Division


Rick Sickler

344 Road 3167, Inland, NE 68954

Scale: HO


Period: 1972

Locale:  Based on Midwest USA

Control:  DC


This layout has three levels, lowest track is two staging areas.  Utilizes four helixes to change levels and to traverse over entry door.  Room size is 27 x 45, has single main line with 840 feet of track.  Utilizes 4 cab throttles for main line and yards and 6 walkaround throttles for switching areas.  A dispatcher panel is located in separate room.  Utilizes 36-inch minimum radius on main line and all turnouts are powered with Switchmaster or Tortoise motors.  Has two main yards on middle level and two storage yards in lower level.  Scenery is 100% complete, continuing to add details and electrical effects.  TV monitors are used to track helix movement and a Fast Clock is installed.

In addition, numerous memorabilia are displayed, including two motor cars, three rebuilt baggage wagons, and much more.







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