Robert "Bob" Folkmann

Ames, Iowa

Bob has been interested in railroads since an early age, the result of having grown up next to the railroad tracks that ran by his house. His first train was a Lionel (of course) at the age of nine which led to several layouts over the years. Bob currently has an HO layout at home and a G-scale that runs at Christmas time. Bob is also involved with large scale models in 1.5 inch to one foot size or one eighth of full size. He has a locomotive and twelve freight cars in this size that he operates at several live steam clubs where he is a member. Bob has also volunteered with the 30" gauge railroad that has two steam locomotives at the Omaha Zoo where he learned to actually run a steam locomotive.


Bob was employed at the Iowa DOT as an Engineer in the Rail Division. Bob administered the Federal and State funds used to upgrade many of the branch lines in Iowa as well as the economic development funds used to build new rail spurs. He was also an FRA qualified track inspector and spent much time walking and high-railing the railroads in Iowa. The experience was invaluable and very educational.


Bob is involved with the NMRA locally with the Kate Shelley Division of which he is a charter member and has served as Paymaster, Superintendent, and Division Director. Bob has also served as chair several times for the annual meet. Bob was honored by the Mid-Continent Region with the Larry Long Memorial Award in 2006.


Bob is very active in the Boy Scouts where he currently serves as Unit Commissioner in the local District. He has also been heavily involved with the Railroading Merit Badge and served on the National Jamboree Railroading Staff at three National Jamborees. Bob was chair for an event in Boone, Iowa in 2002 & 2011 where over 950 Boy Scouts earned the Railroading Merit Badge and was co-chair again for the 'Iowa Railroad Camporee' in 2015 where another 1000 boys earned the Badge. Bob is currently serving as Scouting Coordinator for the Mid-Continent Region, an appointed position.


Bob's goal is to promote the hobby and share in the love of railroading which is a great hobby. Bob is currently serving as the MCoR Treasurer since 2013 and would like to continue in that position. Bob was treasurer for his home church for ten years after retiring from the Iowa DOT. Bob would like to continue serving as an officer with MCoR which is an excellent opportunity to promote the hobby and to be involved with people that share the same enthusiasm. Serving two terms as Division Director and now four years as Region Treasurer has been very beneficial to becoming familiar with the workings of the Region and the direction taken by the region board. Bob would be honored to continue serving on the Region Board as Treasurer.


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