Ryan Moats, MMR

Omaha, NE

My interest in railroading (and narrow gauge in particular) stems not from a childhood train set, but rather the annual summer trips we would take to the Clear Creek portion of Colorado. There was always a day spent visiting Georgetown to see the reconstruction of the loop, then up to Winter Park to railfan at the west entrance of the Moffatt Tunnel and finally over Rollins Pass and back down into Black Hawk.


Fast forward thirty years and my decision to join the NMRA co-incided with thinking about building a basement railroad. Building the basement railroad led to my receiving my MMR certificate in 2011, and my involvement with MCoR has grown over the years (I hold appointed positions as Region Contest Chair and Regional Webmaster) and I was the Western Hertiage Division Director from 2014-2017 (I've resided in Omaha for going on 25 years and spend my days as a Software Architect for IBM).


I've now decided it is time to throw my hat into the ring and run for the position of Region Secretary and if elected, look forward to serving the region for the next two years.


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